Access to PUSD Parks Site Analysis

Can I walk to a school park?

These tools explore how many people might gain walkable access to a park facility at a PUSD site. The first tool, an interactive map, shows PUSD school sites with a half mile (typically a 10-15 minute walk) radius surrounding them. The pink layer shows the US Census tracts that are within Pomona city limits. Using this map, we can determine which Census tracts are in a walkable area. Census tracts are linked to a school site if approx. 40% or more of the Census tract area falls within the walkable radius. Some manual decisions were made to account for barriers such as freeways.

How many people might gain access to a walkable park?

After Census tracts were linked to a school site, we can explore the demographics of the population who live in these areas. With the second tool, a Tableau data visualization, you can explore demographics for a specific school site (or combination of school sites). Only schools within Pomona city limits and with green space are shown. All data come from the 2021 American Community Survey’s 5-year estimates. Because an entire Census tract is included, some people represented may be outside the .5 mile radius of their assigned school site.